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Growth Coach

Author of “Happy Founders”

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Solutions to Startup Problems

Bonny Morlak is an award winning professional coach who provides guidance, advice, and support to entrepreneurs and startup founders in order to help them launch and grow their businesses.

Two decades of learning from the failures and successes of his own startups he coaches with a blend of proven tactical solutions, strategic direction and personal growth. His direct but kind communication nurtures the founder’s mental well-being while growing their startup.


VC firms engage with Bonny as his work increases the chance for success for their portfolio companies, increase portfolio value, differentiate themselves from other firms, and build stronger relationships with founders.

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Because nothing f**ks up your startup faster than running out of happiness.

In 2004 Bonny experienced burnout in one of his startups. This burnout started his own journey of personal growth, an interest in mental health in the startup world and the effects it has on the businesses and stakeholders.

He became passionate about helping others navigate the challenges of building a successful business through prioritizing their mental health and well-being.

Through his own experiences, Bonny realized the importance of having a support system and guidance from someone who understands the unique challenges of being a startup founder. As a result, he decided to use his knowledge and experience to help other entrepreneurs and startup founders achieve their business goals while maintaining a sustainable high performance work-life balance.

For VCs
For Founders

VC portfolios 

Increases the chance for success for your portfolio companies, increase your portfolio value, differentiate yourself from other firms, and build stronger relationships with your founders.

The role of Bonny Morlak is to work closely with the founders to understand their business goals and challenges, and to help them develop strategies and action plans to achieve those goals. Bonny Morlak may also help the founders identify their strengths and weaknesses, and provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve. 

My currency is trust. I maintain a solid 'firewall' of confidentiality and never share any founder information with anybody unless specifically asked by the founder.


Bonny Morlak may work with founders one-on-one, or with entire teams. Bonny offers his services on a retainer basis with fees based on access to his time. 

Overall, Bonny Morlak has a proven track record helping founders navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business, and to provide them with the tools, resources and connections they need to succeed.

Startups direct

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Get more done with less drama and feel that excitement again that made you start all this in the first place.

Fundraising and Pitching
Pitching your idea to potential investors can be a daunting task. Together we will overcome your challenges, shorten this distracting phase and introduce you to my network of investors.

Getting to Product-Market-Fit:
Finding a real problem and market need for your product or service is a critical challenge for startups and your opportunity to innovate and create something that truly meets the needs of customers.

Designing a Unique Value Proposition:
Having a great product is usually not enough if you cannot successfully communicate its value. We will seize the opportunity  to condense your one-hour feature descriptions into a short, compelling story and unique brand identity.

Leading the Right People:
We will work on strategies to delegate tasks effectively and build a strong team that is aligned with your vision.

Managing Time and Workflow:
Managing time and workflow effectively is a huge challenge for multitasking founders. Through proven prioritizing methods we will make sure you work less and get more done.


"Any founder who has raised institutional money can benefit greatly from Bonny's coaching. His extensive experience and expertise in growing startups provide invaluable insights and strategies to help founders overcome the challenges they face.

I found Bonny's entrepreneurial experience and 'mental health first' approach to be a game-changer for our founding team. By prioritizing our well-being, he helps them become more focused, relaxed, and in control. This ultimately leads to better leadership, as founders gain clarity and execute calmly with better results.


With Bonny's proven guidance, founders can become the best version of themselves and take their businesses to new heights."


Alex, CEO Evitado, USA

Retainer Levels


  • Coaching on Managing Self - be happy, relaxed, and successful

  • Coaching on Managing Relationships - private and business

  • Coaching on Managing Your Startup

  • 2 video calls in first month, monthly calls thereafter

  • Email 2 day turnaround   

  • USD $800/month

  • 6 months minimum engagement

    VC portfolio retainer on request 


  • All items from Basic

  • Startup Investible Audit

  • Strategic Planning

  • Tactical Planning

  • Right to officially name me on your Board of Advisors

  • Fundraising strategy, planning, pitch coaching

  • Email 1 day turnaround

  • USD $1600/month  

  • 6 months minimum engagement


VC portfolio retainer on request 


  • All items from Basic

  • Startup Investible Audit

  • Strategic Planning

  • Tactical Planning

  • Right to officially name me on your Board of Advisors

  • Fundraising strategy, planning, pitch coaching

  • Email same day turnaround

  • WhatsApp/slack access

  • Co-CEO, Co-COO

  • USD $4800/month

  • 6 months minimum engagement


VC portfolio retainer on request 

It's totally normal to adjust your plan towards your business needs

but I will never compromise on mental health.

Quick tactical chapters for time-poor entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow, and manage a successful business.


The book is divided into three sections: Managing Self, Managing Others, and Managing Your Startup.

The Managing Self section covers important topics such as Clarity and Purpose, Emotional Core Strength, Blind Spots, and Decision Making. Bonny Morlak emphasizes the importance of knowing and accepting your weaknesses and strengths, being your own best friend, and focusing on what you want rather than what you need.

The Managing Others section delves into Team Building, Hiring, Culture, Leadership, and Responsible and Accountable management. Bonny Morlak provides insights on building strong teams, creating a healthy company culture, and consistent leadership.

In the Managing Your Startup section, readers will learn about Lean Startup, MVP, Product Market Fit, Fundraising, Culture and Trust, Valuation, and Pitching. Bonny Morlak provides practical advice on raising funds, creating a solid pitch deck, and reaching investors.

Throughout the book, Bonny Morlak emphasizes the importance of constant change, learning from both success and failure, and building a sustainable business. The book also includes useful appendix slides on design, pitching, and networking.

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