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My Story

I'm Bonny Morlak, a serial entrepreneur, investor and startup coach. I've experienced the challenges and stresses of starting and growing a business firsthand, which led to my burnout in 2004. I tried to be the best CEO, father, husband, son, friend, and more, but I ended up putting myself last, and my startup failed as a result.

After hitting rock bottom, I embarked on a personal journey to explore tools and methods to maintain strong mental health, including meditation, therapy, and awareness.

This helped me to develop a less toxic work culture and concentrate on what's truly important, work less, and be more focused.

Others in the startup world took notice, and I found myself sharing my newfound knowledge and techniques with those around me.

Looking for my IKIGAI ultimately led me to become a full-time startup coach after selling my latest venture to Snapchat in 2019.

While I've always intellectually known that I help people and receive ample praise and amazing feedback from my clients, it wasn't until a moment during a trip to Tuscany that I finally stopped feeling like an impostor. During a Zoom call with a client, discussing her success, it hit me that I actually genuinely add real value to my client's lives. A transformational moment for me.


I still have days where I forget to pat myself on the shoulder, but I'm learning and  improving every day, just like my clients.


My Mission

I am on my journey to make the startup world less toxic,
so founders can change the world.

My Core Values

My currency is trust.
I never share anything we discuss unless you specifically ask me to.

I am curious.
I have a desire to understand. Answers are easy, so I focus on asking good questions.

I care.
Unless I genuinely care for your health, welfare and success I won't engage.

I am competent but know my limits.
I am highly skilled and get transformational results; however, at times I might refer you to people in my network who are better equipped to help with certain aspects.

I am authentic, genuine and real.  
I am honest and speak the truth regardless of risk or consequence.

(heads-up: I swear at times... please let me know if that offends you)

I am dependable.
I say what I do and do what I say.


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