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Author of “Happy Founders”

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Solutions to Startup Problems

Bonny Morlak is an award winning professional coach who provides guidance, advice, and support to entrepreneurs and startup founders in order to help them launch and grow their businesses.

Two decades of learning from the failures and successes of his own startups he coaches with a blend of proven tactical solutions, strategic direction and personal growth.


His direct but kind communication nurtures the founder’s mental well-being while growing their startup.

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Because nothing f**ks up your startup faster than running out of happiness.

In 2004 Bonny experienced burnout in one of his startups. This burnout started his own journey of personal growth, an interest in mental health in the startup world and the effects it has on the businesses and stakeholders.

He became passionate about helping others navigate the challenges of building a successful business through prioritizing their mental health and well-being.

Through his own experiences, Bonny realized the importance of having a support system and guidance from someone who understands the unique challenges of being a startup founder. As a result, he decided to use his knowledge and experience to help other entrepreneurs and startup founders achieve their business goals while maintaining a sustainable high performance work-life balance.

Good Fit?

Are We a Good Fit?

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Get more done with less drama and feel that excitement again that made you start all this in the first place.
Starting and growing a successful startup is no small feat. It requires vision, resilience, and a constant pursuit of improvement. However, every founder encounters challenges along the way, and that's where a startup coach can make a world of difference.

My mission is to help you navigate the unique challenges that come with entrepreneurship and achieve your business goals.

Reducing and Managing Stress

Running a startup can be incredibly stressful. The pressure to perform, make critical decisions, and meet demanding expectations can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. As your startup coach, we can work with you to:

  • Develop stress management techniques tailored to your unique situation.

  • Build resilience and strategies for coping with the inevitable ups and downs.

  • Create a balanced work-life routine that ensures your health remains a top priority.

Mental Health

Founders often neglect their mental health while focusing on their startups. It's crucial to maintain your well-being for long-term success. We offer support in:

  • Identifying and addressing mental health challenges.

  • Providing resources and strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Encouraging self-care practices that promote mental well-being.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can arise with team members, co-founders, investors, or customers. Resolving conflicts effectively is key to maintaining a healthy business environment. Our coaching includes:

  • Strategies for addressing conflicts within your team and promoting a positive work culture.

  • Techniques for mediating issues with partners and stakeholders.

  • Advice on resolving disputes with customers while maintaining your business's reputation.

Crisis Management

Every startup faces crises at some point, whether it's a financial setback, product failure, or external factors beyond your control. We can help you:

  • Create a crisis management plan to mitigate the impact of unexpected challenges.

  • Develop communication strategies to navigate public relations during crises.

  • Stay focused and maintain a sense of direction when the unexpected occurs.

When to Seek Help from a Startup Coach

As a startup founder, there are several scenarios where seeking guidance from a startup coach can be highly beneficial:

  1. Early-Stage Founders: If you're just starting your journey, a coach can help you build a strong foundation for your business.

  2. Scaling and Growth: As your startup grows, the challenges evolve. A coach can assist you in navigating new obstacles that come with expansion.

  3. Navigating Pivot or Innovation: When you're considering a significant pivot or launching innovative products, a coach can provide strategic guidance.

  4. Seeking Investment: Before meeting with potential investors, having a coach can help you prepare and negotiate effectively.

  5. Personal Development: If you're looking to develop your leadership skills and achieve your personal goals as a founder, a coach can be a valuable resource.

  6. Exiting or Selling Your Startup: Transitioning out of your startup requires careful planning. A coach can help you prepare for this significant life change.

Startup founders often find themselves in challenging and uncertain situations. We are here to provide the guidance and support you need to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. If any of the challenges mentioned above resonate with you, or if you have other concerns related to your startup journey, consider reaching out to discuss how our coaching services can benefit you. Together, we can chart a path to success while prioritizing your well-being and personal growth.


"Any founder who has raised institutional money can benefit greatly from Bonny's coaching. His extensive experience and expertise in growing startups provide invaluable insights and strategies to help founders overcome the challenges they face.

I found Bonny's entrepreneurial experience and 'mental health first' approach to be a game-changer for our founding team. By prioritizing our well-being, he helps them become more focused, relaxed, and in control. This ultimately leads to better leadership, as founders gain clarity and execute calmly with better results.


With Bonny's proven guidance, founders can become the best version of themselves and take their businesses to new heights."


Alex, CEO Evitado, USA

Retainer Levels

Tier 1 - Foundation

Ideal for those who need a quick boost to get started.

  • Pricing: USD $1,200/month

  • Minimum Commitment: 6 months

  • Cancel anytime for any reason


  • Weekly 1-hour coaching session via video call.

  • Unlimited email support with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Bi-weekly progress check-ins to track your startup's growth.

  • Access to a curated resource library with relevant tools and templates.

  • Mental health coaching - one session per month.

  • Coaching on managing self, relationships, and your startup.

Tier 2 - Growth Partner

Suitable for entrepreneurs seeking consistent guidance.

  • Pricing: USD $2,100/month

  • Minimum Commitment: 6 months

  • Cancel anytime for any reason


  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month via video call.

  • Priority email support with a guaranteed response within 12 hours.

  • Weekly progress check-ins to track your startup's growth.

  • Access to a comprehensive resource library with advanced tools and resources.

  • Mental health coaching - two sessions per month.

  • Coaching on managing self, relationships, and your startup with a higher level of engagement.

  • Customized action plans to address your startup's specific needs.

  • Startup Investible Audit.

  • Strategic Planning.

  • Tactical Planning.

  • Fundraising strategy, planning, and pitch coaching.

  • Right to officially name me on your Board of Advisors.

Tier 3 - Premium

For those who require intensive, expert-level assistance.

  • Pricing: USD $4,800/month

  • Minimum Commitment: 6 months

  • Cancel anytime for any reason


  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month via video call.

  • Priority email and phone support with a guaranteed response within 6 hours.

  • Daily progress check-ins to track your startup's growth.

  • Access to an exclusive resource library with cutting-edge tools and industry insights.

  • Mental health coaching - three sessions per month, prioritized for your well-being.

  • Highly personalized coaching on managing self, relationships, and your startup, with a deep level of commitment.

  • 24/7 emergency support for critical startup challenges.

  • Regular performance assessments to optimize your startup's development and growth.

  • Crisis management.

  • Executive staff coaching.

  • WhatsApp/Slack access for real-time communication.

  • Co-CEO - Access to me as a Co-CEO to guide and strategize with you.

It's totally normal to adjust your plan towards your business needs

but I will never compromise on mental health.

For VCs

How to successfully grow your startup without burning out. Quick Tips & Tricks for time-poor entrepreneurs.


Available in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle
In the fast-paced startup world, time is a luxury. In "HAPPY FOUNDER," Bonny Morlak presents a comprehensive, yet easy to read guide, tailored for time-poor entrepreneurs seeking success without sacrificing their well-being.

Bonny dives into the crucial aspects of startup management, offering quick tips and tricks to navigate the challenges of building a business while maintaining personal balance. From managing yourself and fostering emotional core strength to making critical decisions and mastering the art of focus, this book covers it all.

Discover how to unleash your inner strengths, overcome blind spots, and cultivate a supportive network of mentors and friends. Learn the secrets of effective leadership, remote work management, and building a thriving company culture that attracts top talent and the right investors.

With insights on everything from lean startup methodologies to fundraising strategies and pitch deck essentials, "HAPPY FOUNDER" equips entrepreneurs with quick tools you need to succeed.

Whether you're a seasoned founder or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, this book is your accessible reference for achieving sustainable growth and finding happiness along the way.

Get ready to transform your startup and your life with "HAPPY FOUNDER."

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